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"We are gathered here to witness justice! We are gathered to witness a fight to the end, that end being death, that end being the fires of Hell. We are here to witness a battle between Uhtred, the Godless... and Leofric of Winchester!"
—Wulfhere introducing the fight between Uhtred and Leofric[src]

Wulfhere was a supporting character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. He was an ealdorman who formerly served Alfred.


The Saxon Stories[]

In "The Pale Horseman", Wulfhere later betrayed Alfred during the Witenagemot, leaving early to free the Danish hostages in his charge (including Ragnar) and pledge loyalty to Guthrum before Guthrum's Danes attacked Cippanhamm.

The Last Kingdom[]

Season 1[]

Cynuit Hill, Wessex; Odda, Young Odda, Leofric, and Wulfhere arrive at Cynuit hill. They look over the cliff to see the Dane ships. Odda wants to bide time and hold their position in hopes that Alfred will defeat Guthrum and join them. ("Episode 1.5")

Uhtred, Odda, Young Odda, Leofric, and Wulfhere discuss their next course of action. Odda decides they will wait for Alfred to arrive. Until then, he schedules a negotiation with the Danes. So, the following day, they meet with Ubba and Storri. Ubba wants their surrender, but Odda refuses. Uhtred then reveals that Guthrum’s fleet is gone. They drowned at sea. Uhtred claims that he also cast runes and that Ubba is next to die. Ubba becomes enraged and leaves. As Ubba leaves, Uhtred tells Odda that now is the time to attack. ("Episode 1.5")

Odda tells Leofric and Wulfhere to prepare their men so they can leave as Uhtred invades the Danes' camp. Leofric and Wulfhere suspect that something isn’t right, but they do as told. They watch as the ships go up in flames. Odda decides to go against his son’s plans and decides to attack. ("Episode 1.5")

Morning has come, and they have defeated the Danes. Young Odda, Leofric, and Wulfhere arrive south to find that King Alfred has not yet lead his men to battle. Alfred asks about the men in the camp. He worries that he doesn’t inspire them and that they don’t see him as a warrior. Beocca then notices Young Odda, Leofric, and Wulfhere approaching. He informs them that the Ubba and the Danes have been defeated. Young Odda hands Alfred Ubba's axe as proof of his demise. King Alfred is certain that Guthrum will now retreat. Wessex is saved. ("Episode 1.5")

Winchester, Wessex; Wulfhere returns to Winchester. He kicks Æthelwold awake as he sleeps in a cell. He brings Æthelwold to the courtyard, where Uhtred awaits. Wulfhere sends Mildrith to meet with Ælswith. He then tells Uhtred that his punishment for drawing his sword before the king would usually be death. But Alfred is feeling merciful. He wants Uhtred’s assurance that he will keep the peace. Wulfhere tells Uhtred that it doesn’t matter that he killed Ubba. What matters is that Young Odda has claimed the credit. Should his father die, Odda will become one of the richest man in Wessex. Uhtred’s punishment is to grovel, much like Æthelwold. Uhtred and Æthelwold are taken before the village by Wulfhere and forced to grovel. They must crawl on their knees to the palace and kiss the cross and lie flat down on their face. And then God and the king will forgive them. ("Episode 1.5")

Wulfhere attends the Witan for Uhtred after it was discovered that he and some of the king's men raided Briton. Young Odda tells Uhtred that he’s charged with taking a troop of the king’s men into Cornwalum and making war against the Britons. He is also charged with joining forces with Skorpa. The punishment for these crimes is death. Leofric is introduced as a witness. He admits to being in Cornwalum with Uhtred. They also killed Britons and plundered. He also donated his share of the plunder to the church and begged for forgiveness. While they’re admittedly guilty, Leofric requests a fight to the death. He assures them that Uhtred won’t win. It would take God’s intervention for Uhtred to beat him. Alfred grants Leofric’s request. ("Episode 1.6")

The battle between Uhtred and Leofric is about to commence. Iseult watches from the crowd. Wulfhere stands between them and officiates. They grab their swords and shields and proceed to battle. As Uhtred and Leofric trade blows, the town gets word of a Dane invasion led by Young Ragnar and Guthrum. Young Odda and Wulfhere ride out on horses. Beocca, Wulfhere, and Brother Asser seek refuge in Sherborne, where they get word that the king is alive and well. ("Episode 1.7")

Athelney Marshes, Wessex; Beocca and Wulfhere arrive in the marshes. Alfred greets them both with a hug. Beocca informs him that they have a lot more men nearby. Beocca then asks about Edward, and Alfred rushes to go find him. Beocca and Wulfhere follow. They find Uhtred watching over Iseult and Edward. She presents the child to Alfred as he has been healed. ("Episode 1.7")

After Uhtred, Leofric, and several archers kill the nearby Danes, they watch as the ships go up in flames. Beocca believes this was a test for Alfred, and he emerged stronger. ("Episode 1.7")

Edington, Wessex; Wulfhere met his demise at the Battle of Ethandun while fighting for Guthrum and Skorpa at the hands of Leofric. ("Episode 1.8")

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Wulfhere has killed:

  • Numerous unnamed Dane soldiers

This list shows the victims Wulfhere has killed:

  • (To Be Added)

Battle Participation[]

This list shows the battles Wulfhere has participated in:

This list shows the battles Wulfhere has participated in:

  • (To Be Added)


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  • This character has been based on a real historical figure of Wulfhere.
  • The name Wulfhere comes from Old English. The name is made up of the words wulf, which means "wolf", and here, which means "army".