War of the Wolf is the eleventh book in The Saxon Stories.


Uhtred, now older, wants nothing more than to enjoy retirement at Bebbanburg, but pressures on Northumbria from Edward to the south and the Scotts to the North are stretching their small armies to the max and making for an uneasy peace.

When a new Viking invader decides to set up his own kingdom in the lawless Western Northumbria, fate pulls Uhtred down a difficult new path of sorrow, pain, and renewed entanglements with Wessex.


It begins with Uhtred deciding to do nothing after Ælfwynn, the daughter of his old friend and ally, Æthelflæd, is deposed by King Edward of Wessex.

But he then gets drawn into the wars in Mercia, and also continuing Norse invasions.

He is also asked to play a role in the likely conflict between Æthelstan and his younger half-brother Ælfweard when King Edward dies. But this is still unresolved at the end of the book.

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