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Brother Trew is a supporting character in The Last Kingdom television series. He is a priest serving King Guthred and Abbot Eadred.


The Last Kingdom[]

Season 2[]

Winchester, Wessex; Brother Trew has traveled from Cumbraland to Winchester. He’s come with a letter that tells of a vision and prophecy. Abbot Eadred of Cumbraland dreamed of a likeness and it spoke to him. The likeness was of Saint Cuthbert. Speaking directly from heaven. Brother Trew informs Alfred and Beocca that their land is ruled by Danes and that they are in need of a Christian savior — Guthred. Alfred agrees to help where he can. ("Episode 2.1")

Northumbria; Beocca, Hild, Halig, and Brother Trew arrive at the slave market to buy Guthred. However, Gelgill, the slave trader demands they hand over the ransom first. Fiske then informs Sven that there are horsemen missing. He counted five more horses than those present. Beocca claims that the men that were with them were not men of their world. Beocca claims to speak of them will summon them. With his identity hidden under a skull, Uhtred and several lepers arrive on horseback and claim that they've come to take the Danes’ souls. Uhtred subdues Sven and orders everyone to leave. Beocca pleads with Uhtred to spare Sven, who is begging for his life. Father Beocca and Brother Trew call out for Guthred. He emerges from the crowd and they take him home. ("Episode 2.1")

Cumbraland, Northumbria; Brother Trew rides ahead to Cumbraland to inform the village of their king’s arrival. He then goes looking for the Abbot. He crosses paths with Gisela and tells her that her brother, Guthred, is near. Trew then finds Abbot Eadred and alerts him of the king. They enter the church for the royal oath, which shall be sworn upon the corpse of the blessed Saint Cuthbert himself. Saint Cuthbert’s casket is brought in and the Abbot prays over his body. Guthred takes Saint Cuthbert’s hand and swears to defend Cumbraland. ("Episode 2.1")

Abbot Eadred asks Brother Trew if Uhtred is a danger to their plan. Although he lacks humility, Uhtred is the reason they are alive. Still, Abbot questions what Uhtred wants with their king. Trew explains that Uhtred wants Bebbanburg, and it's in the king’s gift to help him. However, Abbot Eadred suspects Uhtred is a pretender. ("Episode 2.1")

Brother Trew informs Abbot Eadred that Uhtred has spent time along with Gisela. He instructs Trew to keep an eye on them to ensure Gisela remains a virgin. ("Episode 2.2")

Brother Trew passes by Gisela's hut and overhears the moans. He then reports to Abbot Eadred that Saint Cuthbert is safe and coveted. Abbot then orders Brother Trew to go to Bebbanburg and find Lord Ælfric. He is only their enemy because he is Uhtred’s enemy. Abbot has offered Ælfric a bargain in the letter that he hands Brother Trew to take. ("Episode 2.2")

Brother Trew arrives in Bebbanburg and gives Ælfric Abbot Eadred’s letter. In the letter, Ælfric discovers that Uhtred is now a warrior and wishes to take Bebbanburg. The Abbot wishes for peace, but Uhtred wishes his uncle dead. They fear Uhtred wants all of Northumbria. Ælfric is open to an alliance. If King Guthred was to raise an army against Kjartan, Ælfric would be prepared to add to that army. In return, he wants Uhtred’s head. Trew returns from Bebbanburg and with Ælfric ready to align, they sell Uhtred to a slave trader. ("Episode 2.2")

Brother Trew attends a meeting Guthred, Ælfric, Erik, and Sigefrid. Ælfric wants to know how Uhtred died. He asks if he begged. Gisela retorts that Uhtred would never do something so pride-less. Sigefrid and Erik reveal that Uhtred is still alive, which angers Ælfric, as the agreed upon price for 200 men was Uhtred’s head. Abbot Eadred and Brother Trew assure Ælfric that he will never hear from Uhtred again, though Ælfric turns down their alliance. ("Episode 2.3")

Brother Trew goes looking after Gisela after she left Northumbria. She has been held up in a nunnery. Brother Trew has come looking for her, but the nuns protect Gisela and tell Brother Trew that they haven’t crossed paths with any women. However, he isn't convinced. Abbot Eadred and Brother Trew find Gisela. They will have her married immediately. He orders Aidan to stand in for Ælfric, at Gisela’s side. When Gisela refuses to marry against her will, Abbot Eadred strikes her. Aidan forcefully takes Gisela’s hand and Abbot Eadred marries the two. Uhtred, Finan, Hild, and Ragnar arrive. Abbot claims that it’s too late, however, Uhtred and Ragnar are willing to kill everyone in their way. And so, Abbot Eadred lets Gisela go. Although, he repeatedly states that Gisela is now married. Uhtred orders him to stop, but when he continues, Uhtred stabs him, much to Hild’s displeasure. He sends Aidan back to Bebbanburg to tell his uncle that his "wife" is with him. ("Episode 2.3")


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