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The Last Kingdom is a British historical fiction television series adapted from on Bernard Cornwell's book series The Saxon Stories. BBC America produced the first season. The second season was co-produced by Netflix after the exit of BBC America. Netflix was the sole distributor for the third, fourth and fifith and final season.[1]


A story of redemption, vengeance, and self-discovery set against the birth of England, this drama series follows young warrior and outsider, Uhtred on a fierce mission to reclaim his birthright. The Last Kingdom combines real historical figures and events with fiction, re-telling the history of King Alfred the Great and his desire to unite the many separate kingdoms into what would become England.

Pragmatism in Adaptation[]

In due part to the many characters who have appeared in the books some characters combined, Leofric and Steapa the Clever being one such example, and time skips were employed to keep the cast down to a reasonable level. Furthermore, many set piece battles in the series were changed from sieges and fleet battles to open field battles in order to the keep the show within budget. To find more information on adaptational changes, click on the individual seasons for lists of changes that were made for the show.


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