BBC America announced that Carnival Films, which produced Downton Abbey, will adapt Bernard Cornwell’s book series The Saxon Tales for TV. The historical fiction series is titled "The Last Kingdom." Stephen Butchard adapted the series for the screen.


The series is set in the year 872. It follows the various kingdoms that occupy what is now modern England as they deal with the threat of the Vikings.

"The Last Kingdom" centers around Uhtred, a Saxon who has been orphaned by the Vikings and then raised as one of them. He struggles with his two identities as he quests throughout a kingdom full of deceit and warfare.

Pragmatism in AdaptationEdit

In due part to the many characters who have appeared in the books some characters e combined, Leofric and Steapa the Clever being one such example, and time skips were employed to keep the cast down to a reasonable level. Further more, many set piece battles in the series were changed from sieges and fleet battles to open field battles in order to the keep the show within budget.