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Sverri Ravnsson was a minor character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. He was a cruel slaver operating from Iceland.


The Saxon Stories[]

In "The Lords of the North", Sverri is introduced as a Danish slaver from Jutland (modern Jylland) who purchases Uhtred. In the Saxon Stories, Uthred describes how Sverri takes the Trader to Jutland to spend the winter there and how the slaves slept in a freezing cold hut. Sverri had some homestead with a wife and children in Jutland where he also buried his cache of valuables. Those valuables were later recovered by Finan and Ragnar's men after Uhtred and the other slaves were freed in Gyrrum.

The Last Kingdom[]

Season 2[]

Northumbria; Sverri has taken Uhtred, Halig, and Finan and put them on a slave ship to work as his crew. ("Episode 2.2")

The Sea;The slave ship is filling up with water. Uhtred, Halig, and Finan dump the water out of the ship using buckets. Whilst the other slaves rest, Uhtred continues to bail out water. Sverri orders him to rest as well and to let go of his pride, as he is nothing more than property. ("Episode 2.3")

Uhtred, Halig, and Finan are shivering cold on the slave ship. Sverri and Hakka inform the slaves that they are finished until spring. Winter will be on land, where there’s work to be done. He then gives them a loaf of bread to share. ("Episode 2.3")

Iceland; Sverri takes the slaves to Iceland. Uhtred, Halig, and Finan are held up in the stable with the pigs. Sverri gives them what’s left of the carrots. ("Episode 2.3")

The slaves make an attempt to escape. However, they are captured. ("Episode 2.3")

The Sea; Uhtred and Finan are back in the ship with the other slaves and forced to row. Sverri only keeps him alive because he wants to know who Uhtred is and if he’s worth anything. Halig has been bound to the front of the ship, where he screams until his last breath, as he drowns. ("Episode 2.3")

Northumbria; Sverri arrives ashore looking for Jonis. He is intercepted by Sven. He’s come looking for Uhtred and picks him out of the crowd of slaves. He gives Uhtred a sword to battle to the death. Sven raises his sword to kill Uhtred but Ragnar, Hild, and Steapa arrive. Uhtred embraces Ragnar, who then orders for all the slaves to be freed. Finan picks up a sword and stabs Sverri in the throat. ("Episode 2.3")

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Sverri has killed:

  • Halig (indirectly/tied him to the front of the ship which caused him to drown)
  • Several unnamed slaves

This list shows the victims Sverri has killed:

  • (To Be Added)


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