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Steapa: "Uhtred! Uhtred!"
Finan: "[shushes] I told you, big man, he's resting."
Steapa: "Uhtred, do not make me fire the house! This is what I will do!"
Finan: "Steapa, do not make me kill you first, this is what I will do."
Steapa: "Uhtred, do not make me step on your Irishman! That's what I will do!" [src]

Steapa is a supporting character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. Steapa is a fierce warlord and Alfred's chief of household guards. Formerly Odda the Younger's man, similar to Leofric, he became loyal to both Uhtred and Alfred.

Known for size and strength, but not intelligence, his nickname "Snotor," meaning "the clever," is a cruel joke.


The Saxon Stories[]

He is captain of the King's household guard under Alfred and kept in that role by King Edward.

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The Last Kingdom[]

Season 2[]

Steapa stands guard as Alfred leads a Witan in Winchester. To keep Wessex safe, they must look beyond its borders, where Christians suffer under the same rule of the Danes. There are two Northmen, Sigefrid and Erik, two Godless brothers with a voracious appetite for land, silver, slaves and war. ("Episode 2.1")

Steapa trains Æthelflæd. He tells her to use her voice more in battle. ("Episode 2.2")

Steapa, Ragnar, and Hild arrive Eofrwic. They are greeted by Abbot Eadred and Brother Trew. They’ve come on the orders of Alfred to meet with Guthred, who joins them. Ragnar explains that they’ve been tasked with finding Uhtred. Sihtric hands a child an apple to conceal the note given to him by Gisela and asks the child to give it to Hild. Ragnar asks for the name of the slaver. Guthred and Abbot reply that Uhtred's already lost. ("Episode 2.3")

They find Jonis. The slave-trader who took Uhtred. Ragnar pays Jonis for information. He reveals that he took Uhtred and Halig to a sea trader named Sverri. Come spring, the first full moon after Sigr Blot, Sverri will return to land and gather with Jonis for business at the beach. In between that time, he could be sailing anywhere. ("Episode 2.3")

Spring has arrived and Sverri has returned. Ragnar, Hild, and Steapa save Uhtred from being executed by Sven. Afterward, they gather around a fire. Halig has been retrieved and wrapped with his sword.("Episode 2.3")

Ragnar and Steapa tell Uhtred that Alfred awaits his return in Wessex. However, Uhtred wants to kill Kjartan. Unfortunately, Ragnar gave his word that he would return Uhtred. Hild then informs Uhtred that Gisela is at a nunnery in Epchester. Afterward, they rescue Gisela froma nunnery and return to Winchester. ("Episode 2.3")

Finan, Uhtred, Ragnar, Hild, Æthelwold, Steapa, and Beocca head to Eoferwic. But first, they stop in Loidis, where they reunite with Brida. They proceed to find Sigefrid and Erik’s camp, where Uhtred, Finan, and Steapa go in alone. They take out three guards. Uhtred then enters Sigefrid’s tent, cuts off Sigefrid's hand and forces the brothers to leave the land. ("Episode 2.4")

They lead an army of men to Dunholm. They arrive just outside the fortress and breach the East wall. They invade the fortress, killing many men. Then, Ragnar kills Kjartan. After winning the battle, they plan to return to Wessex. ("Episode 2.4")

Winchester, Wessex; Odda informs Alfred that Uhtred has left Winchester, but they don’t know where he went. As for Gisela, Steapa informs them that she remains in Winchester. He adds that Æthelwold is with Uhtred and that they went to Mercia. Alfred orders Steapa to put a watch on Gisela until Uhtred’s return. ("Episode 2.5")

Steapa takes Uhtred to see the king after it was discovered that Uhtred crossed into Daneland. Uhtred informs them that London has been taken by Sigefrid and Erik. They have an army at Beamfleot. He was invited to Padintune. And there, he was asked to join the brothers. ("Episode 2.6")

Steapa later follows Uhtred into battle in London against the brothers. They find the north gate open and unguarded. An obvious trap, but they proceed. They meet up with Æthelred and Aldhelm, neither haven’t crossed a single man. Æthelred believes that the Danes have fled and celebrates. Suddenly, fire is set in a tower above. Undoubtedly a signal. Uhtred realizes that the signal was to alert the Danes to attack their camp. ("Episode 2.6")

Steapa returns to camp to find it in ruins. He calls out to Æthelflæd. Thyra emerges from the woods and runs into Beocca’s arms. Uhtred then asks her about Æthelflæd, but Thyra is unaware of her whereabouts. Steapa joins Uhtred to Beamfleot to negotiate with the brothers. They find themselves surrounded by Hæsten and a group of Danes. He’s come to take them to the fortress. ("Episode 2.7")

An army of warriors is led to stop Odda and the Devonshire fyrd. They eventually manage to catch up to him. Odda explains that he lied to his men and told them that they were there to fight on Alfred’s orders. Odda explains that he’s done what he had to for Wessex. Before long, Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric, and Osferth arrive with Lady Æthelflæd. Uhtred warns Alfred that Sigefrid and his men are near and that now is the chance to kill them all. Steapa protects Æthelflæd as the Danes are defeated. ("Episode 2.8")

Season 3[]

Steapa trains Edward to fight. Uhtred arrives and explains that skills should first be learned through fighting with staffs, not swords. Alfred instructs Uhtred to further test Edward’s ability. After disarming and defeating Edward, Uhtred explains that he will practice only with staffs and learn from being hit. The men of Wessex meet the Mercian guard on the battlefield, where they defeat the Danes and force them to retreat. ("Episode 3.1")

Alfred orders Steapa to lock Winchester down and bring him Uhtred after he accidentally kills monks. Steapa approaches Uhtred’s home and demands he exit. However, Finan and Sihtric deny him entry. Uhtred hands his weapons off to Finan and Sihtric and informs Steapa that he will come peacefully to the king. Steapa assures him that Alfred is merciful. ("Episode 3.2")

Uhtred meets with Alfred. While he is willing to pay the wergild, he can’t swear himself to Edward. Such an oath would be for the rest of his life. When Alfred refuses to release Uhtred, he pulls a blade from his armor and holds it to Alfred’s neck, ordering Steapa to stay back. Beocca is taken by surprise though he ensures that Ælswith and Edward remain unharmed. Ælswith orders Steapa to kill Uhtred, but Beocca insists that no one move. Alfred informs Uhtred that this can mean nothing but his certain death. Uhtred then exits with Alfred as his hostage, but the King returns to the hall and orders Uhtred to be killed. ("Episode 3.2")

Hæsten and Dagfinn arrive in Winchester. Steapa tells Hæsten that only he may enter the palace, but he must first give up his weapon. He then takes the Dane to join Alfred, Ælswith, and Father Pyrlig in the hall. Later, Steapa and Bishop Erkenwald confiscate Edward’s children and take Ecgwynn back to Winchester. ("Episode 3.4")

Beocca and Steapa follow Alfred to Aegelesburg, where a Witan has requested Uhtred and Æthelflæd. Despite Alfred initially turning down Uhtred's proposition to take down Beamfleot, he has a change of mind and leads the Wessex army to stop the Danes. Off in the woods, they watch as Uhtred and his men are surrounded by Hæsten and an army of Danes. They do nothing as Uhtred and his men are attacked. Edward wishes to attack but Alfred insists that they hold their position. ("Episode 3.5")

Edward takes charge and leads Beocca, Steapa, and the Wessex guard into battle. They defeat the Danes and return to Winchester. ("Episode 3.6")

Steapa attends the Witan to determine Æthelwold’s punishment for betraying Wessex and aligning himself with the Danes. Alfred declares that Æthelwold will lose an eye. Æthelwold begs for mercy, but Alfred orders Steapa to take him away. ("Episode 3.7")

Steapa guards the front gate of Winchester as the royal wedding nears. Finan, Sihtric, and Hild ride with Bishop Erkenwald to Winchester. They explain that Uhtred remains in Coccham and that he wants his children back. Steapa reluctantly allows them inside the gates. Just as the gates are closing, a traveling musician asks to be allowed inside the gates. They’ve come to bring smiles and laughter to Winchester, and so Steapa allows them inside as well. ("Episode 3.8")

Steapa escorts Æthelwold away from Æthelhelm at Ælswith's request. She then tells him that she would like guards at every corridor of the palace. Uhtred has come, and she wants him to leave the palace immediately following his meeting with the king. He will be dealt with in the days to come. ("Episode 3.9")

During Alfred's funeral, Steapa approaches Uhtred to inform him that he’s been given orders to kill him should he not leave the hall quietly. And so, Uhtred leaves, with Finan not far behind, though he tells Finan to fall back. Steapa then places Uhtred in a cell. ("Episode 3.9")

Steapa retrieves Uhtred from his cell and escorts him out of Winchester. When Uhtred claims that he was pardoned by Alfred, Bishop Erkenwald commands Steapa to return Uhtred to the palace. Edward orders that Steapa release Uhtred and allow him to speak. ("Episode 3.10")

Season 4[]

Winchester, Wessex; Pyrlig, Edward, and Steapa approach Uhtred, who informs the king that Cnut has brought his sons over from his homeland, which means he has ambition here. Uhtred has come to Winchester to make Edward an offer. He can help Edward fulfill his father’s dream of a united land if King Edward gives him men to retake Bebbanburg. ("Episode 4.1")

They discuss the matter further inside. If Uhtred takes Bebbanburg, it becomes a foothold in Northumbria. King Edward could then unite the four kingdoms. One country, one king. With 100 men, Uhtred can take the kingdom in a week. with 200, in a day. Lord Æthelhelm doesn’t believe it is wise to distract themselves with other matters given the ongoing threat with the Danes. Uhtred urges Edward to accept his offer, but he instead agrees with Lord Æthelhelm and refuses to lend Uhtred his men. ("Episode 4.1")

King Edward, Pyrlig, Lord Æthelhelm, and Æthelflæd discuss Æthelred and the troop of soldiers he’s led from Aegelesburg. All Æthelflæd knows for certain is that he is seeking the bones of St. Oswald. Ælswith warns them that If Æthelred is seeking St. Oswald, he means to break from Wessex. Many Mercians believe that uniting the body of the saint will restore their land to greatness. They are then joined by Steapa, Ælflæd, and Ælfweard. ("Episode 4.2")

Steapa arrives at Ælflæd’s coronation. Steapa informs Pyrlig that the Danes have attacked Mercia. Pyrlig then relays this to the king. As for Lord Æthelred, no one knows if he’s dead or alive. Ælswith and Æthelflæd suggest calling off the coronation and sending men to Aegelesburg to retake it. However, Æthelhelm disagrees with calling off the ceremony. King Edward explains that he will set the terms, not anyone else. And so, they return to the coronation for it to resume Ælflæd is coronated. ("Episode 4.2")

Pyrlig informs King Edward, Æthelhelm, and Steapa that Cnut has left Aegelesburg and is camped near Tameworthig. Æthelred has ridden into Daneland and ravages East Anglia. With Æthelred gone, the people of Mercia expect King Edward to protect them. Edward then realises that Cnut is trying to draw him out into the open. Ælswith, Æthelflæd, and Aldhelm enter the room and question when the king intends to act. He explains that going in would essentially mean sacrificing his own men. Ælswith explains that Edward’s father was crowned King of Wessex, but he always sought to unite the Christian peoples. In spirit, he was King of all Saxons. Edward retorts that his father is gone. Instead of helping, he tells Pyrlig to dispatch messengers to find Æthelred. ("Episode 4.3")

Æthelhelm discovered that Lady Æthelflæd isn’t at the nunnery as Ælswith claimed. Concerned for her, Æthelhelm asked Steapa to make further inquiries. He saw Æthelflæd leaving Winchester. Ælswith reveals that she has gone to Mercia. They could not allow their people to die. Edward worries that his sister has now walked directly into Cnut's trap. She put the men of Wessex and all the Christian kingdoms at risk. ("Episode 4.3")

King Edward trains with Steapa in the yard. He tells Steapa to not allow him to win. Edward is then approached by Lord Æthelhelm. ("Episode 4.4")

Tettenhall, Mercia; King Edward and Steapa arrive with the Wessex army. He wonders who fights alongside his sister. Steapa replies Mercian fyrds, her husband, and the Welsh. Christians United, and without Wessex to lead them forward. ("Episode 4.4")

Edward and Steapa join the fight along with the Wessex army. They fight side by side. Steapa even saves Edward from a Dane that nearly kills him. However, in saving Edward, Steapa is killed. Eardwulf then saves Edward from an incoming attack. The Danes then proceed to flee into the forest. ("Episode 4.4")

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Steapa has killed:

  • Numerous unnamed Dane soldiers

This list shows the victims Steapa has killed:

Battle Participation[]

This list shows the battles Steapa has participated in:

  • (To Be Added)

This list shows the battles Steapa has participated in:

  • (To Be Added)


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