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Sigebriht of Cent was a supporting character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. He was the son of ealdorman Siglef of Cent. He was initially the jilted suitor of Ecgwynn before Edward fell in love with her and the two secretly married.


The Saxon Stories[]

In "Death of Kings", Sigebriht acts as a rival to Edward and conspirator to Æthelwold and Cnut in order to install Æthelwold on the throne of Wessex and Sigelf as king of Cent.

His true allegiance is unknown until the final battle where he and his father's forces refuse to cross the bridge at Eanulfsbirig to join Edward's larger army. In the final battle, Sigebriht is killed by Osferth.

The Last Kingdom[]

Season 3[]

Aescengum; Wessex; Uhtred and Alfred arrive in arrive in Aescengum. Uhtred fears that they have left Winchester unprotected. Sigebriht wonders what alternatives Uhtred may have, as it was his village that the Danes attacked. Uhtred is certain that Bloodhair won’t attack as the wall is too strong. And it is for that reason that Uhtred would like to attack first. Although, given that they have Bloodhair’s seer, Alfred would like to wait before going into battle. He wishes to see her for himself. ("Episode 3.1")

Sigebriht informs Steapa that a Witan requests the presence of Uhtred and Æthelflæd. Edward has come in place of the king. Uhtred wants 1,000 men and he will give them Beamfleot and peace. He reveals that Ragnar is dead, meaning the Danes will have half their army and less leadership. Sigebriht argues that this is too great a risk to Wessex. Alfred denies Uhtred's proposal. He then tells Uhtred that while he remains an outlaw, he is under the protection of Lady Æthelflæd and free to leave when he is ready. ("Episode 3.5")

During the Witan, Æthelwold asks Sigebriht about the girl that he once loved, who Edward impregnated. Sigebriht reveals that she is confined to a nunnery. Æthelwold would understand if Sigebriht chose not to serve Edward, but they don’t have much of a choice. The Witan resumes, and Alfred declares that Æthelwold will lose an eye for his betrayal to Wessex. ("Episode 3.7")

Sigebriht finds Æthelwold in the church. Æthelwold asks what are his thoughts on Edward becoming king. Sigebriht is against it. Many are saying that Uhtred will swear himself to Edward, which Æthelwold can’t allow. He mustn’t let Edward’s reputation grow. Sigebriht agrees that Edward can’t succeed. Æthelwold intends to spread the rumors that Uhtred wishes to allow the Danes to rule Wessex. ("Episode 3.8")

Sigebriht confronts Father Beocca with a rumor that Uhtred seeks revenge against Alfred for being outlawed. And should Alfred die, he will kill Edward. Beocca questions the validity of these claims, as he doesn’t believe that Uhtred intends to do any such thing. Æthelwold then witness the arrival of Finan and Osferth and suspects that Uhtred is near. He plots with Sigebriht to pay a visit to Beocca’s house. However, they are cut off by Beocca and Father Pyrlig. Thyra exits the house and tells Æthelwold that he’s welcome to look inside. Æthelwold and Sigebriht enter their home though Uhtred is nowhere in sight. ("Episode 3.8")

Æthelwold informs Sigebriht that Uhtred is in Winchester and that he had been pardoned. Æthelwold wishes to kill both Edward and Uhtred, though the former is the easier target. If Edward dies, Æthelwold claims the throne and Sigebriht earns riches. Æthelwold convinces Uhtred and Finan to join him inside for ale. Sigebriht awaits inside and shares that he stands for a strong Wessex and that his interest may align with Æthelwold’s at times. He then asks about Uhtred’s stance. Æthelwold insists that Edward is but a boy and not the man to follow. As for Uhtred, he’s not sure where he stands, or at least he doesn’t respond to Sigebriht. ("Episode 3.9")

Sigebriht and Æthelwold meet with Æthelred and Aldhelm to propose an uprising against Edward. Æthelwold suggests they negotiate with the Danes and allow them to slaughter Edward and his followers. Father Beocca enters with an axe and slams it onto the table, blaming Æthelwold for the bile he spews, encouraging those around him to act unchristian-like. ("Episode 3.10")

Uhtred and Finan approach Lord Sigebriht as he is leaving in the night. They question his loyalty, as he has been seen in Æthelwold's company. Sigebriht insists that he’s loyal to Wessex. He assures them he will be there in battle. As planned, Sigebriht arrives with his men at the battle and fights in honor of Wessex, taking out many Danes. Cnut takes a spear and launches it into the chest of Sigebriht, killing him. ("Episode 3.10")


The Saxon Stories[]

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  • The name Sigebriht comes from Old English. The name is made up of the words sige, which means "victory", and briht, which means "bright".
  • Sigebriht was a noble; he was born to the ealdorman of Cent, and he later succeeded his father.