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Siege of Bebbanburg  was an event which occurred in The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series.

The Siege occurred in 910, when the Scottish attacked Bebbanburg. The Siege resulted in Bebbanburg's troops retreating and Bebbanburg losing over half of their troops. Not too long after, Elfric was killed by his estranged and banished son Wihtgar, who then became the lord of Bebbanburg.

The † indicates that the character died during the battle.
The ° indicates that the character was not fighting during the event.

The Saxon Stories[]

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The Last Kingdom[]

Uhtred's side[]

Ælfric's side[]


Bebbanburg developed an enmity with the Scottish at some point.


During a fight between Bebbanburg and the Scottish, Elfric and his troops force the handful of Scottish to retreat, but shortly after, Elfric and his troops are forced to retreat, after more Scottish troops arrive. Elfric and a handful of his men make it back into the fortress, but then they close the gate, which leaves a handful of soldiers trapped outside who are killed by the Scottish. This fight resulted in Bebbanburg losing over half of their troops.


Learning of Bebbanburg's now weakened state, Uhtred returns to Bebbanburg in order to take back his throne that Elfric stole from him when was a child. However, Elfric's banished son Wihtgar returns and kills Elfric, resulting in him becoming the lord of Bebbanburg. Uhtred and his troops briefly fight Wihtgar and his troops, but soon retreat after realizing they are outnumbered. They escape on their ship, but Wihtgar decides not to follow them because he believes they will not last the night.