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Season 1 of The Last Kingdom consists of 8 episodes. It premiered on BBC America on October 10, 2015. Filming began in November 2014 and concluded in Spring 2015. It roughly adapts the plots of "The Last Kingdom" and "The Pale Horseman", the first and second novels in Bernard Cornwell's The Saxon Stories.


"Episode 1.1"[]

Abducted by a Viking warlord after his father is slain in battle, young Uhtred adopts the Norse way of life until tragedy befalls his new family.

"Episode 1.2"[]

Caught between his scheming uncle Ælfric and pitiless Viking warlord Ubba, Uhtred goes on the run and seeks out Alfred, the man who would be king.

"Episode 1.3"[]

Uhtred allies himself with newly crowned Alfred, but his commitment to the nascent king jeopardises his bond with Brida.

"Episode 1.4"[]

After Uhtred faces betrayal and falls into hostile hands, his Danish brother, Ragnar the Young, scrambles to save his life.

"Episode 1.5"[]

After rescuing Mildrith, Uhtred joins the fierce Battle of Cynuit and vanquishes a forbidding foe, only to have Odda the Younger claim the victory.

"Episode 1.6"[]

Uhtred catches the eye of a lovely pagan queen, and his band of raiders becomes mercenaries for a Cornish king. But he soon faces the fury of Alfred.

"Episode 1.7"[]

Driven to hiding in the marshes after the Vikings invade Wessex, Uhtred and Alfred finally make amends and devise a plan for retaking the kingdom.

"Episode 1.8"[]

Calling upon Saxon forces to rally and drive the Vikings out of Wessex, Uhtred and Alfred gird for a decisive battle, but treachery awaits.


Main Cast[]

Cast Portrays Ep. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Alexander Dreymon Uhtred of Bebbanburg 8
David Dawson King Alfred 7
Tobias Santelmann Ragnar the Younger 5
Emily Cox Brida 6
Adrian Bower Leofric 7
Thomas W. Gabrielsson Guthrum 6
Simon Kunz Odda the Elder 5
Harry McEntire Æthelwold 6
Joseph Millson Ælfric 2
Rune Temte Ubba 4
Charlie Murphy Queen Iseult 3
Brian Vernel Odda the Younger 7
Amy Wren Mildrith 4
Matthew Macfadyen Ealdorman Uhtred 1
Ian Hart Father Beocca 8

Guest Starring[]




Adaptation Changes[]

  • Uhtred's fight; In "Episode 1.6", Uhtred is sentenced to a fight-to-the-death by King Alfred. In the television series, he goes against Leofric. Whilst in the novel series, he goes against Steapa. Both men were Alfred's best soldiers. The probable reason for this change was that Uhtred and Leofric had become good friends so a fight between them generated more suspense and drama.
  • Steapa; The roles of Leofric and Steapa were merged, to an extend in the show. In the books, Steapa was a fierce fighter, loyal to both Uhtred and Alfred, Young Odda's sidekick, and was present at every battle. Whilst in the show, he was barely seen during the season, and most of his role in the books, was given to Leofric.
  • Uhtred and Hild's relationship; In the television series, the two are dear friends and nothing more then platonic companions. Whilst in the novel series, after the death of Iseult, the two become lovers.
  • Uhtred and Iseult's relationship; In the television show, in "Episode 1.8" Iseult asks Uhtred to take her virginity as she no longer wants the powers she has as a "gwrach". Whilst in the novel series, in "The Pale Horseman", the two become lovers almost immediately after meeting as Uhtred can't resist her charms.
  • Beocca's interference; In the television series, "Episode 1.1", Father Beooca is present during the negotiations between Earl Ragnar and Ælfric about young Uhtred. He warns young Uhtred that Ælfric wishes him dead and that he should escape with him to Winchester. Whilst in the novel series, in "The Last Kingdom", Earl Ragnar is treating with King Alfred when the young Uhtred sees Father Beocca again. Father Beocca arranges for young Uhtred and young Brida to be kidnapped/"rescued" from their captors. But the two escape from Ælswith and return to their new family.
  • Rorik; The youngest son of Earl Ragnar and Sigrid was not part of the tv show.
  • Uhtred's childhood; In the novel series, in "The Last Kingdom", a good portion of the book is dedication to Uhtred's life with his Dane foster family. Whilst in the television, in "Episode 1.1", only a few scenes are shown, such as Uhtred being taken to Ragnar's Hall for the first time and meeting Ravn and Brida. As well as Sven's attempted assault on Thyra, and it's aftermath with Kjartan.