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Sable is a minor character in The Last Kingdom television series. She is Æthelflæd's woman and has worked at Lord Æthelred's estate.


The Last Kingdom[]

Season 3[]

Saltwic, Mercia; Sable is tending to Æthelflæd during the evening, she tells her that she shouldn't read during the night as she'll ruin her eyesight. She later finds a window open but thinks nothing of it and closes it. ("Episode 3.3")

In the morning, Æthelflæd drags Godric and his men from their beds and heads for the nunnery at Wincelcumb. Before leaving, Æthelflæd gives Sable several letters to deliver to Father Beocca. Sable tells Æthelflæd that she has the will of a queen. ("Episode 3.3")

Winchester, Wessex; Beocca returns home, where Thyra and Sable await. Sable informs them that King Æthelred has conspired to kill Lady Æthelflæd, and so she has hidden in a nunnery in Wincelcumb. She tells them that they can’t tell the king as Æthelflæd doesn’t want the bond between the two lands to break. Thyra agrees on Beocca’s behalf to help. In the second letter, Æthelflæd has a solution. She has arranged a ship that is waiting for them on the Temes, to Dunholm, in order to find Uhtred. ("Episode 3.3")

Wincelcumb, Mercia; Godric asks Sable for another pitcher of ale. However, she reminds him that he has a job to do and won’t be able to do it asleep. ("Episode 3.4")

They suddenly get word of Danes in the kitchen. Æthelflæd, Sable and the nuns block the door with a table. Hæsten and Dagfinn arrive at the nunnery, where they kill a guard and demand that Æthelflæd be brought to them. Abbess witnesses the assault and runs inside to inform the others of the Danes’ arrival. Sable volunteers to go out there, but Abbess takes the responsibility. ("Episode 3.4")

Season 4[]

Aegelesburg, Mercia; Sable is serving drinks to Lord Æthelred, Eadith, and Eardwulf as they discuss what Eardwulfs Danish spy had told him about Cnut and East Anglia. Æthelred also talk about how hes collecting St. Oswald's bones and has sent monks to go to Bebbanburg. After Æthelred leaves she follows behind him. ("Episode 4.1")

Winchester, Wessex; Uhtred finds Æthelflæd in the garden with her woman Sable. She works at Lord Æthelred's estate and knows of something that will be of use to Uhtred. She tells Uhtred that Lord Æthelred is collecting the relics of St. Oswald. When St. Oswald’s body is reunited in Mercia, it is believed that the land will be returned to greatness. All that remains to be gathered is the heart of St. Oswald, which Ælfric keeps at Bebbanburg. Lord Æthelred has sent a pair of monks up north to strike a bargain for it. She continues by saying that they should reach Grimesby by Sunday, then Bebbanburg on the day of Ascension, which is ten days before Pentecost. To which Uhtred is confused and she has to clarify that its in 10 days. Should Uhtred intercept these monks, he could gain entry into the fortress. ("Episode 4.1")

Aegelesburg, Mercia; During Cnut's attack on Avlesbur, Jackdaw is seen tying her arms above her head, to a wooden pillar, and pulling on the rope in torture. ("Episode 4.2")

After Æthelflæd and Aldhelm arrive back in Aegelesburg, she is seen bloodied after Cnut's attack. When word comes of riders, she follows the Lady Æthelflæd outside to see who it is. ("Episode 4.3")

In the morning, young Uhtred says a prayer for the lives lost during the Dane attack. Æthelflæd, Sable, Creoda, Aldhelm, and most of the other survivors are mourning the dead, many of the dead are children.

After Bjorgulf and his men leave, Sable is seen on the stairs watching the two boys; Young Cnut and Esgar. Uhtred lets the boys go, Sable is still seen standing on the stairs waiting for her mistress Æthelflæd. After the group leave for Tettenhall, she goes back inside. ("Episode 4.4")

Battle Participation[]

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