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"Rypere was a nickname which meant thief, for that was what Rypere was and if there had been any justice he would have been branded and whipped, but I liked the cunning in his young eyes and reckoned he would prove a killer."

Rypere was a supporting character in The Saxon Stories novel series, and a minor character in The Last Kingdom television series. He was one of Uhtred's household troops.


The Saxon Stories[]

In "The Lords of the North", Rypere is a Saxon boy whom Uhtred trains.

In "Sword Song", he becomes one of Uhtred's household troops and oath-men.

The Last Kingdom[]

Season 2[]

Beamfleot, East Anglia; Rypere and Sihtric are sent out by Uhtred to investigate Beamfleot for any possible weaknesses, and to check if Æthelflæd is still alive. Once they spot Æthelflæd, Rypere is sent back, where he informs Uhtred of the news. ("Episode 2.7")

Rypere is among Uhtred's group of men who attack Beamfleot. While fighting on the docks, Rypere is cut down by one of the Danes, and is killed. ("Episode 2.8")


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