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"If I tell you, you'll kill me. And I would rather you remained poor."
—Peredur to Skorpa when asked about the location of the silver[src]

Peredur of Cornwalum was a minor character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series.

He was a petty Briton king ruling in Cornwalum. A reluctant Christian still holding on to pagan beliefs, he has two wives: a formal queen, and a "shadow" queen named Iseult, a "gwrach" or sorceress, whose virginity he preserves out of superstition that it keeps her alleged gift from fading.


The Saxon Stories[]

In "The Pale Horseman", Uhtred, bored with the peace between Alfred and the Danish king Guthrum and goes off raiding into Cornwall. He comes across a settlement ruled by the British king Peredur, who hires Uhtred and his men to fight an invading Danish force led by Svein of the White Horse.

Uhtred and Svein however ally to kill Peredur and pillage his settlement, and Uhtred carries off Peredur's wife, the shadow queen Iseult. A monk named Asser, who was at Peredur's court, witnesses the betrayal and escapes to Dyfed in Wealas.

The Last Kingdom[]

Season 1[]

Peredur's Hall, Cornwalum, Wealas; He sends Brother Asser to summon Uhtred and his men (who have been spotted travelling through Cornwalum, disguised as Dane warriors, with the intention of raiding). He offers to reward them with substantial silver if they help him reclaim a nearby fortress that has been taken by a Briton rival of his (supposedly). Uhtred and his men accept. ("Episode 1.6")

Cornwalum, Wealas; Only to find out on facing the fortress that the defenders are actually (real) Dane raiders, led by warlord Skorpa. Uhtred ends up striking an impromptu deal with Skorpa, joining forces to betray Peredur by surprise, annihilating the ragtag Britons. ("Episode 1.6")

After the defeated Peredur reveals where the silver is hidden (in exchange for his life,) Skorpa breaks his word and kills him. ("Episode 1.6")


The Saxon Stories[]

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The Last Kingdom[]

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  • Peradur converted religions, he was born a pagan and later reluctantly converted into Christianity, whilst still holding onto some pagan beliefs.
  • Peredur was a noble; he was a petty king of Cornwalum.