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Northumbria, known at the time as Norðhymbralond, is a location in both The Saxon Stories novel series and in The Last Kingdom television series. It is one of the main locations in the series.

Locations Within[]

  • Bebbanburg (Modern Bamburgh)
  • Cumberland
  • Dunholm (Modern Durham)
  • Eoferwic (Modern York)
  • Grimsby
  • Loidis (Modern Leeds)

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Ruler Reign King of Book
Osbert c.848/9-c.862/3 Northumbria before
Ælla II c.862/7-867 Northumbria "The Last Kingdom"
Osbert 867-867 Northumbria "The Last Kingdom"
Halfdan c.875-877 Southern Northumbria "The Last Kingdom" to
"The Pale Horseman"
Guthred c.883-895 Southern Northumbria "The Lords of the North"
Æthelwold c.900-902 Southern Northumbria "Death of Kings"
Ragnall 918-921 Southern Northumbria "Warriors of the Storm"
Sigtryggr 921-927 Southern Northumbria "Warriors of the Storm"
Guthfrith 927 Southern Northumbria "Sword of Kings"
Æthelstan c.933-c.934 Southern Northumbria "War Lord" (assumed)
c.934-939 Northern Northumbria
Edmund I c.944-946 Southern Northumbria after
Northern Northumbria (possibly)
Eadred c.947-954 Northern Northumbria (disputed) after


Current Residents[]

This list shows the current residents of Northumbria:

This list shows the current residents of Northumbria:

Former Residents[]

This list shows the former residents of Northumbria:

This list shows the former residents of Northumbria:


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  • Based on a real location in history; Northumbria.
  • Bebbanburg (meaning "Bebba's fort") is now known as Bamburgh Castle in the modern English county of Northumberland.
    • Bebbanburg was once the political centre of the kingdom of Bernicia, which was originally the northern-most Anglo-Saxon realm in Britain prior to the unification with the kingdom of Deira in the early to mid-7th century. Bernicia was composed of the modern English counties of Durham, Tyne-and-Wear and Northumberland, as well as parts of the modern Scottish counties of Berwickshire and East Lothian.
    • Bebbanburg was first conquered by Ida son of Eoppa, who was a warlord of either Angle or Frisian origin. He took the fortress from the native British/Welsh tribe of the Bryneich (the origin of the name "Bernicia") in 547 CE. Ida is the grandfather of Aethelfrith, the first unifier of Northumbria, and ancestor of the House of Uhtred.