Mildrith was Uhtred's first wife, who first appears in The Last Kingdom. They were married as part of an arrangement whereby Uhtred gained command of the tiny Wessex fleet. The two do not really love each other, as a result of their vastly different outlooks on life and religion.

As part of her dowry Mildrith brought with her a homestead in Oxton which bore an enormous debt because her father had pledged a substantial portion of his estate to the church which he had repeatedly been unable to pay. They had a son, named Uhtred after his father, but the child died young after choking on a pebble. The elder Uhtred believes the death is supernaturally connected to the survival of Alfred's son Edward, who was healed by Iseult at the same time that the younger Uhtred choked. After young Uhtred's death, through grief Mildrith retreats further into her religious devotion, eventually joining a convent and taking residence in Lord Odda's household.

Mildrith would meet Uthred one last time when he returned to Lord Odda's estate to assemble Wessex's army. There, the two finally severed all ties they'd once held.


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  • Mildrith is a native of the West Saxon shire (county) of Defnascir (Devon), which is close to the native British land of Cornwalum (modern Cornwall) to the west.
  • Mildrith is the daughter of a thegn who was a vassal of Ealdorman Odda of Defnascir (Devon). Mildrith's father had fallen into severe debt with the church in Wessex, which Uhtred inherited by his marriage to Mildrith.