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"Excuse me, my Lord, I am on an errand to my Lord Alfred."
—The servant to Æthelwold[src]

Merewenna (known as the Pretty Servant in the TV series) is a minor character in both The Saxon Stories novel series and The Last Kingdom television series. She is a servant to King Alfred.


The Saxon Stories[]

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The Last Kingdom[]

Season 1[]

Winchester, Wessex; The servant is seen leaving Alfred's room, buttoning up her shirt as Father Beocca walks in the room. ("Episode 1.2")

The servant is confronted by Æthelwold as she is bringing food to Alfred. Æthelwold spits in his food and tells her not to say anything. When she gets to his room, the two almost have sex, but Father Beocca walks in. ("Episode 1.3")

Wareham, Wessex; The servant assists Alfred at the encampment outside Wareham. ("Episode 1.4")


The Saxon Stories[]

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The Last Kingdom[]

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  • The name Merewenna is a name which is deprived from the name Mærwynn. The name is formed of the Germanic words mære, which means "famous", and wynn, which means "friend, joy".