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Merewalh is a character in The Saxon Stories novel series.


The Saxon Stories[]

In "Death of Kings", After Hæstens defeat at Baemfleot, he retreats to Caester, Merewalh and 150 warriors are stationed outside to watch and harass him.

Later, Merewalh and his men are forced to retreat from the advancing Danish army and he joins Uhtred and his warband. It is at this time that Æthelflaed tells Merewalh, and his men, that her husband Æthelred had decreed that all his men should accept her orders as if they were his own. This is a lie that no one believes is true but still follow in order to support Æthelflaed.

In "The Empty Throne", he had deserted Lord Æthelred's service to follow Æthelflaed instead.


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  • The name Merewalh comes from Old English. The name is made up of the words mære, which means "famous", and wal, which means "battle".