Leofric was a Saxon Military man and warrior who served Alfred. He was the uncle of Osferth. Weathered and worldly, Leofric was straight talking, uncomplicated, but a reasonable man. He initially disliked Uhtred, whom he nicknamed ‘Arseling’ but a close bond was soon struck between crude curmudgeonly Leofric and fellow warrior Uhtred. Leofric died in battle at Ethandun, where he personally killed the traitor Wulfhere.

After meeting Osferth, Uhtred recalls his dead friend and says that "Leofric was a great man".

After Uhtred fled Wessex and became feverish, he saw a vision of Leofric, as one of Alfred's most loyal soldiers, rebuking him for his betrayal, which may have been one of the reasons of Uthred returned to Wessex from his brother Ragnar.


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