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"You do not have the courage. (...) Since you're Alfred's daughter, I'll let you choose which of us humps you first. (...) You Saxons have--"
—Jackdaw threatening Æthelflæd, moments before being shot and killed with an arrow by Edward[src]

Jackdaw was a supporting character in The Last Kingdom television series. He was a member of the "Second Great Danish Army".


The Last Kingdom[]

Season 3[]

Jackdaw stands guard of Skade’s cell. When asked if she was any trouble by Brida, Jackdaw claims that Skade showed him her breast. Skade claims to be a seer, but Brida doesn’t see any runes. Skade demands to see Uhtred or else she will curse Brida, who stakes a Nithstong in the ground to block Skade’s power. Skade swears that she will kill Brida for this. ("Episode 3.2")

Skade tells Jackdaw that Bloodhair is near and when he comes, she will refuse him. Uhtred enters Skade’s cell. He tells Jackdaw to leave them, but he cannot or else Brida will kill him. Uhtred approaches Skade and asks what she wants. Skade would like to be a part of his life. Skade tells Uhtred that Alfred will die and with him his kingdom. And it is Uhtred who must rule when that happens. Bloodhair enters the cell. He has come to reclaim Skade and is willing to kill Uhtred in order to take her. Rather than challenge him, Uhtred kisses Skade in front Bloodhair, who is defenceless as Jackdaw stands at his rear with a spear. Uhtred claims Skade as his own. ("Episode 3.3")

Jackdaw returns to camp to report to Brida, Cnut, and Bloodhair that Alfred is dead. Brida rushes to inform Ragnar but discovers him dead in his tent. ("Episode 3.5")

Brida tells Jackdaw to follow the spies that Cnut sends out in search of the Saxon camps. She wants him to deliver Uhtred a message. ("Episode 3.10")

Jackdaw crosses paths with Finan and Sihtric just after they had taken out Cnut's spies. He comes with a message from Brida for Uhtred, who reveals that Æthelwold killed Ragnar. Jackdaw adds that his people are near. While Uhtred doesn't have Jackdaw killed, he is then taken away. ("Episode 3.10")

Season 4[]

Avlesburv, Mercia; Jackdaw informs Cnut and Brida that they found Æthelred. He’s in East Anglia, where he’s attacked farms and killed many Danish settlers. Jackdaw surmises that they’ve been outwitted. However, Brida realises that this is their own doing. ("Episode 4.2")

Mercia; Jackdaw, Cnut, Brida, and Bjorgulf learn that the lady Æthelflæd has returned to Mercia. If she’s alone, the rest of the Saxons won’t be far behind. If they manage to capture her, then they will have the upper hand. Cnut tasks Bjorgulf with bringing her back. ("Episode 4.3")

Cnut and Brida command their soldiers to have their defences built by sunset. Just as Brida is about to tell him something, Bjorgulf returns, but without Æthelflæd. Bjorgulf reveals that Uhtred was in Aegelesburg with Cnut’s sons, and he beheaded young Cnut. Cnut bludgeons Bjorgulf to death with Jackdaws axe. He commands that Uhtred be brought in immediately. Brida tries to remind him of their actual goal, but Cnut is blinded with rage. Cnut orders Jackdaw to prepare the men to march and send men ahead to follow them. ("Episode 4.4")

Jackdaw later reports to Cnut and Brida that Uhtred is waiting at Tettenhall. Cnut says that he will have his revenge and he and his men ride out. ("Episode 4.4")

Tettenhall, Mercia; Cnut, Brida, Jackdaw, and the Dane army arrive in Tettenhall. Brida notes that something isn’t right and orders them to fallback, but Cnut leads his men forward, right into Uhtred’s trap; a large, camouflaged ditch. As the Danes try to recover, Uhtred, Æthelflæd, young Uhtred, Finan, Osferth, Sihtric, Pyrlig, and Aldhelm charge, with the Welsh as backup. ("Episode 4.4")

Æthelflæd and Aldhelm fight back to back, taking out multiple Danes. However, Æthelflæd is disarmed and they find themselves surrounded. Æthelflæd has asked that Aldhelm kill her should they ever find themselves cornered, as they now have. Jackdaw doubts that Aldhelm has the courage to kill her, and he is right. She pleads with Aldhelm to show her mercy, but he can’t bring himself to do it. An arrow fired by Edward kills Jackdaw and provides Aldhelm and Æthelflæd with a chance to fight back. ("Episode 4.4")

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Jackdaw has killed:

  • Numerous unnamed Saxon soldiers and civilians


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