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For other named Ivar, see Ivar the Boneless or Ivar the Younger.

Ivarr Ivarsson was a character in The Saxon Stories novel series.


The Saxon Stories[]

In "The Lords of the North", Uhtred and Hild make landfall near Eoferwic to find the region in disarray. Lord Ivarr Ivarsson and his army are engaged with the Scots in the north. The formerly Danish-held Eoferwic has been conquered by Saxons, who have begun a massacre of Danes under the fanatical Father Hrothweard.

Uhtred marches east with Guthred while Ivarr Ivarsson, the son of Ivar the Boneless and the most powerful Danish Lord in Northumbria, is away fighting the Scots. Eoferwic is captured with ease, and Father Hrothweard joins them.

Upon meeting with a Mercian traveller and spy, Offa, it is revealed to Uhtred that Guthred, Ivarr and Ælfric besieged Kjartan at Dunholm, but failed.

They arrive in Guthred's court to find that Gisela was married to Ælfric via proxy in return for support in another attack against Kjartan, and that Ivarr has abandoned Guthred and is raising men to fight him.

After the Battle of Catraeth, Guthred's claim to the throne of Northumbria is still incomplete. Guthred's army meets Ivarr's stronger force in the field. Uhtred provokes Ivarr into single combat and the novel ends with Uhtred winning the duel against Ivarr.

Battle Participation[]

This list shows the battles Ivarr has participated in:

  • Battle of the Tweed


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  • The name Ivarr is comes from Old Norse and is the antecedent of Ivor. The name is formed of the words yr, which means "yew, bow", and arr, which means "warrior".