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Harald Bloodhair (known as Sigurd Bloodhair in the TV series) was a supporting character and antagonist in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. He was one of the leaders of the "Second Great Danish Army" and the "first" lover of Skade.


The Saxon Stories[]

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The Last Kingdom[]

Season 3[]

Skade returns to camp and instructs all the men to look away. Only the women may see her until the Lord has seen what she has seen. Skade cuts her hand and bleeds into Bloodhair’s mouth so that he can make her vision real. In her vision, she saw the death of Alfred at his hands. Bloodhair cuts open a horse and bathes in its blood. He declares that Wessex will belong to the warriors of Bloodhair. ("Episode 3.1")

Alton, Wessex; Bloodhair and Skade lead an army of Danes into a nearby village and set it ablaze. They string up a priest in the church and demand to know the whereabouts of their silver. They set a fire under him even as he insists there is no wealth. The priest then goes up in flames. As he is burned alive, Bloodhair spares him the pain and kills him with a spear. He then asks Brother Hubert where they can find the silver, but he insists they have no wealth. If what he says is true, Bloodhair gives him a knife and tells him to take his own life in order to spare his brothers. However, Hubert is reluctant,as it would mean damnation. And so, Bloodhair leaves, giving Skade control over the priests. ("Episode 3.1")

Bloodhair arrives at the gates of Alton with Saxon hostages. He slits a woman’s throat and demands that they return Skade to him. He then kills two more women. Uhtred exists the fortress with Skade. Uhtred punches and kicks her in front of Bloodhair. Skade encourages Bloodhair to kill everyone, but he is more concerned with her safety. Uhtred tells Bloodhair to spare the hostages and send them across the burh. He has until sunset or each man in their fortress will take their turn with Skade. ("Episode 3.1")

Bloodhair follows Uhtred to Fearnham, where an army of Mercia's greatest warriors await. Alfred and the men of Wessex arrive and form a shield wall on the other side of the battlefield and attack. Enclosing the Danes within. Bloodhair gets on a horse and flees. Skade witness as her love abandons her. ("Episode 3.1")

Bloodhair and Hæsten are approached by Æthelwold and Offa. They bring word of Alfred, Uhtred, and Skade. He claims that Uhtred humps her, but he has been banished from Wessex, likely headed to Dunholm. Æthelwold presents them with an alliance. He wishes to join them as well as Ragnar and Uhtred. Right now, Wessex has never been more vulnerable. Uhtred is gone and Alfred is weak. ("Episode 3.2")

Bloodhair and Hæsten lead a group of soldiers to Dunholm, asking Ragnar and Brida for food, shelter, and negotiation. Bloodhair is willing to resolve his matter with Uhtred peacefully. Ragnar orders his men to open the gates and to allow them in. Uhtred is certain that they’ve come to speak of Alfred. Among the Danes is Æthelwold. ("Episode 3.3")

Bloodhair finds Skade locked in a cell. He has come to reclaim Skade and is willing to kill Uhtred in order to take her. Rather than challenge him, Uhtred kisses Skade in front Bloodhair, who is defenseless as Jackdaw stands at his rear with a spear. Uhtred claims Skade as his own. Bloodhair barges into the hall and demands that Ragnar and Brida allow him to fight Uhtred for Skade. He would accept a fight of skill, with staffs. Skade as the prize. Ragnar turns him down. ("Episode 3.3")

Ragnar, Hæsten, Bloodhair, and Cnut join their four armies to make one great army, all led by Ragnar in effort to defeat Alfred and claim Wessex. However, they later discover that Uhtred is planning to abandon them to save Æthelflæd, and so Bloodhair challenges him to a fight with Skade as the prize. ("Episode 3.3")

Uhtred and Bloodhair fight to the death to see who will claim Skade. Brida routes for Bloodhair to kill Uhtred while Ragnar watches in silence, even as Bloodhair’s men cheat by depriving Uhtred a weapon. Finan recovers Uhtred’s sword and gives it back to Uhtred, who disarms Bloodhair and is moments away from killing him before Ragnar intervenes and calls an end to the battle. Ragnar tells Uhtred to take Skade and leave. Skade remarks that Uhtred has defeated Bloodhair twice and she now belongs to him. ("Episode 3.4")

Ragnar leads Brida, Cnut, Bloodhair, Æthelwold, and the great army to Wessex. Ragnar informs Cnut that he wishes to send a few men ahead tomorrow to scout for Alfred’s army. Himself, Cnut, and Bloodhair will each send a man. Cnut tells Bloodhair that Ragnar wants to send a spy ahead to watch for Alfred. He goes on to say that it was an insult for Ragnar to interrupt his battle with Uhtred. Cnut believes that their spies should also act as messengers to carry word of their intentions in order to grow their armies. ("Episode 3.4")

Jackdaw returns to camp to report to Brida, Cnut, and Bloodhair that Alfred is dead. Brida rushes to inform Ragnar but discovers him dead in his tent. Brida exits the tent, suspecting that it was someone at the camp who took his life. When Bloodhair accuses Brida of killing Ragnar, she charges at him, but he knocks her to the ground. Despite Ragnar’s death, Cnut wants to go on. He and Bloodhair will march. ("Episode 3.5")

Hæsten arrives in Hunstanton with Skade, where he regroups with Bloodhair and Cnut. Hæsten informs Bloodhair that Skade belongs to him now. He reveals that Alfred lives and that they came at night in thousands. And that Uhtred is with him. Æthelwold is doubtful, but Hæsten insists that Alfred lives. Cnut tells Bloodhair to rest and afterward, they will discuss what comes next. ("Episode 3.6")

Bloodhair believes Ragnar’s death to be an omen and that they should postpone the fight, but Cnut wants to push forward. He wishes to send Æthelwold back to Winchester to raise a Saxon army. He also reveals to Hæsten and Bloodhair that it was Æthelwold who killed Ragnar in his sleep. ("Episode 3.6")

Hunstanton, East Anglia; Bloodhair comes upon Skade and wants to know which one of them will earn glory during the attack. Skade saw the death of Alfred and said it was Bloodhair who killed him originally. Skade replies that each of them is unworthy as the next and that Bloodhair’s path changed when he abandoned her. He claims that he won’t abandon her again and that Hæsten can’t protect her like he can. As for Alfred, he’s now destined to die in his bed. Bloodhair claims that only he can defeat Uhtred. However, she tells him that what he wishes for can never be real for as long as Hæsten is alive. She encourages Bloodhair to kill him. ("Episode 3.7")

Offa returns to the Dane’s camp and reports to Brida, Cnut, Bloodhair, and Hæsten that Uhtred will come for them all as a shadow walker and they all will die as Ragnar died. Bloodhair claims he will kill Uhtred himself. Hæsten remarks that he could've done that at Fearham. Instead, he ran away. He then goes on to challenge Bloodhair, who demands they make a square. Bloodhair kills Offa in a fit of rage and leaves. ("Episode 3.7")

Skade brings Bloodhair a bowl of her blood and rubs it on his face, claiming that she only wants his victory. She tells him that Hæsten must not win. He then proceeds to suck the blood off her hands. Cnut sanctions a fight to the death between Hæsten and Bloodhair. Brida asks Skade who she wants to see win. Skade answers that she is destined for neither. Just as it seems Bloodhair is about to kill Hæsten, he becomes disoriented, realizing that he’s been poisoned by Skade. Hæsten manages to gain control of the fight. Bloodhair is defeated, but he charges at Skade, who counters his attack and stabs him with a blade in each hand. Before he dies, Brida ensures that he’s holding his axe. ("Episode 3.7")

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Harald has killed:

  • Offa
  • Numerous unnamed Saxon soldiers and civilians

This list shows the victims Sigurd has killed:

  • Skade
  • Numerous unnamed Saxon soldiers and civilians

Battle Participation[]

This list shows the battles Harald has participated in:

This list shows the battles Sigurd has participated in:

  • (To Be Added)


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  • The name Haraldr is an Old Norse cognate of the Old English name Hereweald. The name is made up of the words here, which means "army", and weald, which means "power, leader, rule".