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The Great Heathen Army, also known as the Great Danish Army, or the Viking Great Army, was an army led by the sons (Ivar, Halfden, and Ubba) of King Ragnar Lothbrok to avenge their father's death.

They conquered all Anglo-Saxon's kingdoms, except Wessex and the western half of Mercia.

In History[]

The Great Heathen Army lands in East Anglia, c.865, and they lasted until c.878.

The Great Viking Army was led by Halfdan, Ivar, Ubba, Guthrum, and Bagsecg. All were eventually killed in action.

Against them were the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms which were led by Ælla II of Northumbria, Burghred of Mercia, Edmund of East Anglia, Æthelred of Wessex, Alfred the Great, Bishop Heahmund, Æthelwulf of Berkshire, and Odda of Devon.

Their most notable battles included: Alcea (851), York (867), Englefield (870), Reading (871), Ashdown (871), Basing (871), Marton (871), Cynwit (878) and Ethandun (878).

The Great Heathen Army disbanded after their defeat which resulted in the treaty of Wedmore (Guthrum agrees to be baptised and he and his army to leave Wessex, as well as the partitioning of England between the Christian kingdoms of Wessex and Mercia and the Danish kingdoms of East Anglia and Northumbria) and the foundation of the Danelaw.