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"God's taken hundreds of the bastards. Though it's said hundreds more have landed safely, further up the shore. Friends of yours?"
—Godric to Uhtred about the Danes washing up on shore[src]

Godric is a minor character in The Last Kingdom television series. He is a villager and raider who collects items that wash up to shore.


The Last Kingdom[]

Season 1[]

Wessex(?); Uhtred questions Godric about the Danish bodies washing up to shore. Godric tells him that hundreds have washed up, but hundreds more have also arrived safely. Uhtred then buys Godric's horse for twice it's worth. ("Episode 1.5")


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  • The name Godric comes from Old English. The name is made up of the words god, which means "god, good", and ric, which means "ruler".