"Episode 16" is the eighth and final episode of the second season of The Last Kingdom. It aired on May 4, 2017.


When King Alfred is told the great sum of Æthelflaed's ransom - and the horror that will likely befall his daughter if Wessex does not pay - he feels there can be only one way forward despite this jeopardizing the kingdom. Suspicions at Beamfleot threaten to unravel the lovers' escape plan, and Uhtred must think on his feet if he is to secure Æthelflaed's freedom and save Wessex. Odda risks everything for the kingdom and makes an unlikely ally, while Gisela and Uhtred contemplate a future as enemies of Alfred. In a devastating showdown at Beamfleot, there is passion, heartbreak and treachery - if Uhtred survives, will he be free to finally recapture his ancestral lands?


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