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"Episode 11" is the third episode of the second season of The Last Kingdom. It aired on March 30, 2017.


Hild and Ragnar hunt for Uhtred, who lays plans for escape. Alfred eyes the kingdom of Mercia, and chaos erupts when Guthred's alliance crumbles.


The North Sea; Uhtred and Halig are slaves on a ship headed for the North Sea. They manually row the boat with the other slaves; among them is a man named Finan. Uhtred assures Halig that their journey won’t end with them as slaves or in a grave. Hakka, a member of Sverri’s crew, tells Uhtred to stop talking. In unison the slaves start to say "Pull!" Finan promises Uhtred that one day, he will kill Hakka himself.

Eoferwic, Northumbria; Ælfric and Aidan arrive in Eoferwic with 200 men. King Guthred says they can lay a siege to Dunholm as early as tomorrow. The unified armies of Guthred, Ælfric, the two brothers can march on Dunholm. They'll show Kjartan their numbers and starve him of water, food, and life itself. Ælfric wants to know how Uhtred died. He asks if he begged. Gisela retorts that Uhtred would never do something so pride-less. Sigefrid and Erik reveal that Uhtred is still alive, which angers Ælfric, as the agreed upon price for 200 men was Uhtred’s head. Abbot Eadred and Brother Trew assure Ælfric that he will never hear from Uhtred again. However, Gisela warns Ælfric that her brother is part fool and that he shouldn’t do business with him. Ælfric takes Gisela’s advice and plans to leave. With Ælfric gone, Sigefrid and Erik refuse to siege Dunholm. They are in need of an ally, so Abbot Eadred tells Guthred to offer up his sister.

Gisela intends to escape Eoferwic. Given that Sihtric remains loyal to Uhtred, she hands him a note to give to Hild when she returns.

Winchester, Wessex; Alfred and Ælswith show Æthelflæd a map of their lands as well as beyond their borders. Ælswith then informs Æthelflæd that she is to be married once a suitable match is made.

Northumbria; After parting ways with Guthred, Sigefrid and Erik ransack a nearby village.

Eoferwic, Northumbria; Hild returns to Eoferwic with Ragnar and Steapa. They are greeted by Abbot Eadred and Brother Trew. They’ve come on the orders of Alfred to meet with Guthred, who joins them. Ragnar explains that they’ve been tasked with finding Uhtred. Sihtric hands a child an apple to conceal the note given to him by Gisela and asks the child to give it to Hild. Ragnar asks for the name of the slaver. Guthred and Abbot reply that Uhtred's already lost.

The North Sea; The slave ship is filling up with water. Uhtred, Halig, and Finan dump the water out of the ship using buckets. Uhtred asks Hakka to release them of their chains, but he refuses. Either they’ll bail out the water or sink with the ship. Whilst the other slaves rest, Uhtred continues to bail out water. Sverri orders him to rest as well and to let go of his pride, as he is nothing more than property. Finan agrees that Uhtred should conserve his strength so that when the chance comes, they can run, but Uhtred explains that in order to run, they’ll need skin on their feet, not rotting flesh. And so, Finan helps him bail.

Eoferwic, Norhtumbria; Guthred and Abbot Eadred welcome in new comers from nearby villages, who were attacked by Sigefrid and Erik. They will surely be next. King Guthred seeks counsel. Abbot Eadred advises him to secure enough grain to feed everyone. They’ll also need Lord Ælfric of Bebbanburg.

Norhtumbria; Ragnar, Hild, and Steapa find Jonis. The slave-trader who took Uhtred. Ragnar pays Jonis for information. He reveals that he took Uhtred and Halig to a sea trader named Sverri. Come spring, the first full moon after Sigr Blot, Sverri will return to land and gather with Jonis for business at the beach. In between that time, he could be sailing anywhere.

The North Sea; The slave ship nears East Anglia. Halig becomes hysterical. Hakka orders him to get back in his place, when he continues, Hakka whips him. Uhtred gets on top of Halig to cover him from the whip. Finan informs Hakka that Halig is sick with the fever and that they will control him, but Hakka continues. Uhtred reminds Halig that he is a warrior and that he is alive because of him. He tells Halig to row, and when the time comes for them to escape, they will.

Winchester, Wessex; Aldhelm guides Lord Ceolwulf to meet with King Alfred. Ælswith informs Æthelflæd that he is the father of Mercia. Ceolwulf demands swords and the men to carry them. They have many raiders from the Daneland. Alfred considers their land to be one, but Ceolwulf objects. He is Mercia. Alfred is Wessex. Ceolwulf wants Uhtred and 50 men to defend his border. Odda reveals that Uhtred was last seen in Northumbria. Again, Ceolwulf wants swords, even as Alfred proposes an alliance. Æthelwold appears amused by Ceolwulf’s rage. Alfred and Ælswith then remind Ceolwulf of the letters they sent regarding a suitor for Æthelflæd. He has a suitor in mind, but needs reassures that he won’t merely become a poor cousin of Wessex. Ceolwulf then blames Alfred for ever agreeing to Daneland. Alfred and Ælswith assure Ceolwulf that Wessex will give them swords. Ceolwulf suddenly dies right there before them, much to Æthelwold’s amusement. Whilst everyone is distracted, Ælswith grabs the letter that Ceolwulf wrote for them. She then asks who is Æthelred. He makes himself known. Æthelflæd appears satisfied. Alfred asks him to assure that Ceolwulf is returned to his family.

The North Sea; Uhtred, Halig, and Finan are shivering cold on the slave ship. Sverri and Hakka inform the slaves that they are finished until spring. Winter will be on land, where there’s work to be done. He then gives them a loaf of bread to share.

Bebbanburg, Northumbria; King Guthred, Abbot Eadred, and Brother Trew plead with Lord Ælfric to reconsider joining them. They offer him Gisela as a bride. Abbot Eadred adds that Gisela was also fond of Uhtred. Abbot Eadred suspects that Uhtred is the reason she’s hiding. In that case, Ælfric agrees to join them, but only after Gisela is delivered to him. Until then, Aidan will return with them to Eoferwic. Finally, they will deliver a message to Kjartan that Uhtred will be found and killed.

Iceland; Sverri takes the slaves to Iceland. Uhtred, Halig, and Finan are held up in the stable with the pigs. Sverri gives them what’s left of the carrots.

Winchester, Wessex; Much time has passed. Æthelred and Aldhelm sit down with Alfred, Ælswith, Odda, and Æthelwold. Æthelred informs Alfred that his gift of warriors has served Mercia well this winter. The raids haven’t been as frequent. Æthelflæd eavesdrops as they discuss the price of her marriage. Æthelred has proposed 4,000 pieces. They want more than silver. Æthelred is also willing to bequeath her titled lands in order to strengthen the union between Mercia and Wessex.

Northumbria; Sven finds Jonis and asks about Uhtred.

Iceland; Hakka watches as Uhtred, Halig, Finan, and the other slaves chop down trees. Hakka practices his aim, throwing his blade into the tree, right next to that of an archer’s head. While they are distracted, Finan helps Halig break free of his chains. Halig charges towards the archer. He is shot in the shoulder, but manages to kill the archer. He then kills Hakka. After setting the slaves free, they each escape. However, Uhtred, Halig, and Finan have hounds on their heels. They make it to the beach, where they find a boat to escape in. However, Halig is shot in the leg and all three are captured.

The North Sea; Uhtred and Finan are back in the ship with the other slaves and forced to row. Sverri only keeps him alive because he wants to know who Uhtred is and if he’s worth anything. Halig has been bound to the front of the ship, where he screams until his last breath, as he drowns.

Northumbria; Sverri arrives ashore looking for Jonis. He is intercepted by Sven. He’s come looking for Uhtred and picks him out of the crowd of slaves. He gives Uhtred a sword to battle to the death. Finan tries to intervene as Uhtred is too weak but he is knocked back. Sven raises his sword to kill Uhtred but Ragnar, Hild, and Steapa arrive. He embraces Ragnar, who then orders for all the slaves to be freed. Finan picks up a sword and stabs Sverri in the throat.

Uhtred, Finan, Ragnar, Hild, and Steapa gather around a fire. Halig has been retrieved and wrapped with his sword. Ragnar reveals that Alfred sent them to rescue Uhtred. Ragnar asks Finan about his relationship with Uhtred, to which he replies they are bound.

Hild finds Uhtred sleeping in the field. She cuts Uhtred’s shirt off of him, as he is too weak to remove it himself. She discovers the whelps on his back as she cleans him. She then proceeds to cut his hair. She remarks that Uhtred has yet to look her in the eyes. He is ashamed of what he’s become. She gives him back his sword and reminds him of who he is. He realizes that Alfred sent help because of Hild. And for that, she will always have his protection. She then gifts him a necklace with a cross for protection.

Nunnery, Northumbria; Gisela has been held up in a nunnery. Brother Trew has come looking for her, but the nuns protect Gisela and tell Brother Trew that they haven’t crossed paths with any women.

Northumbria; Ragnar and Steapa tell Uhtred that Alfred awaits his return in Wessex. However, Uhtred wants to kill Kjartan. Unfortunately, Ragnar gave his word that he would return Uhtred. Hild then informs Uhtred that Gisela is at a nunnery in Epchester.

Nunnery, Northumbria; Abbot Eadred and Brother Trew seize Gisela. They will have her married immediately. He orders Aidan to stand in for Ælfric, at Gisela’s side. When Gisela refuses to marry against her will, Abbot Eadred strikes her. Aidan forcefully takes Gisela’s hand and Abbot Eadred marries the two. Uhtred, Finan, Hild, and Ragnar arrive. Abbot claims that it’s too late, however, Uhtred and Ragnar are willing to kill everyone in their way. And so, Abbot Eadred lets Gisela go. Although, he repeatedly states that Gisela is now married. Uhtred orders him to stop, but when he continues, Uhtred stabs him, much to Hild’s displeasure. He sends Aidan back to Bebbanburg to tell his uncle that his wife is with him.

Winchester, Wessex; Uhtred returns to Winchester. For Ragnar fulfilling his task, Alfred would like to free both him and Brida. Alfred lights candles in an attempt to measure the passing of time. He’s trying to find a candle that burns from midday to midday. Alfred would like Uhtred in his service yet again. Alfred then confronts Uhtred for killing Abbot Eadred on blessed ground. However, Uhtred was in the company of Ragnar, who was under Alfred’s orders and whom he will hold responsible for the killing of Abbot Eadred. Uhtred refuses to allow Ragnar to take the blame for his actions. However, Alfred orders that Ragnar stand trial. And he lastly request that Uhtred serve him. Uhtred agrees to serve Alfred only if he allows Ragnar to go free.




  • Ceolwulf - Died of old age.
  • Hakka - Stabbed in the chest by Halig.
  • Halig - Tied to the front of the ship and drowned by Sverri.
  • Sverri - Stabbed in the throat by Finan.
  • Abbot Eadred - Stabbed in the chest by Uhtred.




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