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"Episode 8" is the eighth and final episode of the first season of The Last Kingdom. It aired on November 28, 2015.


Calling upon Saxon forces to rally and drive the Vikings out of Wessex, Uhtred and Alfred gird for a decisive battle, but treachery awaits.


With his advisers by his side once more, Alfred holds a Witan but has already decided to follow Uhtred's advice and lead his men into one defining battle. Wulfhere urges Alfred to withdraw to Frankia, but Alfred insists he believes he cannot forsake England at this key moment.

Winchester, Wessex; Meanwhile, Guthrum tries to get information on Alfred through Æthelwold. He learns that Alfred is a clever man who believes he will win because of his faith in God. Young Ragnar and Brida scoff at this, but Guthrum contemplates quietly and orders Æthelwold on an assassination mission to kill Alfred.

Devon, Wessex; Alfred, Uhtred, Leofric, Iseult, Brother Asser, Hild, and Halig travel towards Odda's estate in Defnascir to start gathering Alfred's army since they have the largest fyrd.

Lyscombe, Wessex; Avoiding the Roman roads which are filled with Danes, they travel by way of Lyscombe, Mildrith's home, only to find death and destruction. All the villagers have fled and a small grave is marked outside Uhtred's house with a wooden cross. The stranger's baby that was taken in lieu of Alfred's son was Uhtred's son. Iseult is torn for Uhtred and the knowledge she has as a Seer.

Later, she goes to Uhtred in the woods that night so he may take her virginity, and therefore her Sight. Afterwards, Iseult finally reveals what Skorpa had whispered to her in Cornwalum, Wealas: Thyra lives and is being held by Kjartan in the north. That same evening, Beocca argues in Uhtred's defence against Asser; the next morning, Alfred dispatches Halig, Asser and (at her own insistence) Hild as messengers to rally the other Saxon regions to send soldiers to fight back.

Devon, Wessex; Odda the Younger, who believes Alfred is dead, tries to make an agreement with Skorpa. But when Uhtred and Leofric, Alfred hidden amongst them, arrive to their estate and rally him to their cause, Odda refuses to believe the king still lives, derisively derides Alfred as a coward and no king, and order Leofric to kill Uhtred. Leofric, citing his loyalty to Alfred, refuses and as Odda the Younger continues to forswear his loyalty to Alfred, his father, who has seen Alfred in the crowd, kills his own son for his traitorous deeds. Alfred orders Odda the Younger buried in an unmarked grave for his treason, orders Odda the Elder to rouse the Devonshire fyrd and rallies the men present to fight back. The next morning, when Skorpa arrives to negotiate with Odda, Uhtred mocks Skorpa over the destruction of his ships and tells him to go back to Guthrum. Before departing, Skorpa tries to taunt Uhtred over Thyra's fate, only to be silenced by Beocca.

Winchester, Wessex: Skorpa arrives at Winchester and informs Guthrum and Ragnar of the Saxon numbers. Skorpa advocates annihilating Alfred's forces before he can rally more to his cause, an idea Ragnar supports in order to crush any future Saxon resistance when word of such a slaughter gets out. Although initially conflicted when Guthrum asks Ragnar if he is prepared to kill his brother on the battlefield, Ragnar concedes he's prepared to confront Uhtred, and Guthrum agrees to march to battle.

St. Egbert's Stone, Wessex; At the gathering place for the great Saxon army, Æthelwold abandons his assassination attempt and joins Alfred at the top of the hill, watching as thousands of swords of Wessex answer the war call. Ahead of battle, Alfred, who used to fear his men did not see him as a warrior, strays from his godly sermons to deliver a passionate speech and rally his men. The English cry, "no mercy!"

Edington, Wessex; As the Battle of Edington commences, the Saxons let the Danes fall upon their shield wall first and then slowly advance, gaining ground. Leofric takes an axe blow to the neck and falls behind. Skorpa, realising they are already at a disadvantage, leaves the battlefield to attack the Saxon camp where he runs down Iseult and returns to the battle, flinging her bloody head at Uhtred.

Enraged, Uhtred breaks formation and leaps over the enemy shield wall and begins killing Danes at will. Father Beocca, calling on the might of God, launches his spear towards Uhtred, who swiftly takes it and throws it into Skorpa's chest, knocking him off his horse; as Saxon soldiers bore into the breach Uhtred has carved into the Danish shieldwall, Uhtred finishes off Skorpa. Ragnar asks orders from Guthrum, who shows no desire to fight back, now believing that the Saxons truly do have God on their side. But men continue to fight, and Uhtred, seeing Ragnar knocked to the ground, saves his life. In the ensuing battle, Alfred, Beocca, Hild, Halig, Aethelwold and Uhtred all fight savagely, claiming a victory for the forces of Wessex.

In the aftermath of the battle, Uhtred orders Leofric's grave marked as an Ealdorman and a pyre for Iseult.

The battle won, Alfred admits that he is indebted to Uhtred, that Wessex is indebted. Peace is secured by Guthrum's conversion to Christianity (now King Æthelstan of East Anglia). As well as having hostages that include Brida and Ragnar. Brida refuses to look at Uhtred but Ragnar remains both a brother and a friend.

Having saved Wessex, Uhtred's path now leads back north so he can face his past.




  • Uhtred of Liscumb - Died of unknown causes. (confirmed fate)
  • Young Odda - Stabbed in the chest by his father.
  • Leofric - Hit with an axe in the neck by a Danish soldier.
  • Wulfhere - Stabbed in the chest by Leofric.
  • Iseult - Decapitated by Skorpa.
  • Skorpa - Impaled with a spear thrown by Uhtred.
  • Numerous unnamed Danish soldiers.
  • Numerous unnamed English soldiers.




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