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"I would not wish to leave you."
—Edwina reassuring Mildrith[src]

Edwina is a minor character in The Last Kingdom television series. She is a nursemaid serving Mildrith.


The Last Kingdom[]

Season 1[]

Lyscombe, Wessex; Edwina accompanies Mildrith to Odda's land in order to get to safety from the storm. ("Episode 1.5")

After Uhtred returns home to Lyscombe with his Pagan queen Iseult, Mildrith tells Edwina that she wishes to return to Odda's land. Mildrith offers her the choice of staying behind, but Edwina assures her that she wishes to stay by her side. ("Episode 1.6")


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  • The name Edwina comes from Old English and it is the feminine version of the name Edwin. The name is made up of the words ead, which means "wealth, prosperity", and win, which means "friend, joy".