Chapter 1 is the first chapter to Bernard Cornwell's "The Last Kingdom".


After being captured, Uhtred is brought to the hall of Northumbria by Earl Ragnar. Uhtred is given food, and watches as King Osbert, who was captured, is forced to fight a Danish warrior, who quickly chops off his hand and cuts open his stomach. The Danes then turn their attention to Uhtred, but Earl Ragnar intervenes before they are able to do anything to him.

Ragnar brings Uhtred up to the top of the hall, where a blind man named Ravn is sitting. Ravn is respectful to Uhtred, and reveals that he is the father of Earl Ragnar. Ravn has Uhtred become his eyes, with Uhtred telling him everything going on below. Ravn tells Uhtred to keep note of Ubba and Ivar the Boneless and also of King Egbert, who was formerly an Ealdorman, made peace with the Danes and now was King. He tells Uhtred it would be wise to pay his respects to King Egbert if he wishes to live. During the feast, Uhtred takes Ravn's advice and bows to King Egbert, asking him for his lordly protection. King Egbert says that they will decide his fate, causing a scornful look from Ubba. Uhtred returns to Ravn, and informs him of what happened. Ravn warns Uhtred that Ubba is a very dangerous man, and advises him to never fight Ubba, stating that even Earl Ragnar is frightened of him.



  • King Ælla - Killed in battle by Danish soldiers. (confirmed fate)
  • Ealdorman Uhtred - Killed in battle by Danish soldiers. (confirmed fate)
  • King Osbert - Stomach cut open by a Danish soldier.
  • 200+ unnamed Northumbrian soldiers. (confirmed fate)
  • Several unnamed prisoners.
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