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Brunna is a character in The Saxon Stories novel series. She was Hæsten's wife.


The Saxon Stories[]

In "The Burning Land", Brunna converted converted to Christianity at Alfred's request; he was the godfather to both her sons. As Hæsten's family undergo baptism, it plainly amuses him, like everything else.

In "The Pagan Lord", Uhtred and his men ride to Ceaster (Chester) and enter the gates by a clever maneuver by Uhtred’s son. They leave Hæsten’s grey-haired wife Brunna, and take Cnut’s deaf and dumb wife Frigg and children.


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  • The name Brunna comes from Old Germanic. The name is made up of the words brun or brun which means "armour, protection" and "brown".
  • Brunna converted religions, she was born a pagan but converted to Christianity at King Alfred's request.