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"I am afraid, Lord. Spare me this trial, I beg you."
—Boltan mocking Father Pyrlig before duelling him[src]

Boltan was a minor character in The Last Kingdom television series. He served as a warrior for Ubba, and after his defeat, served the brothers, Erik and Sigefrid.


The Last Kingdom[]

Season 1[]

East Anglia; Boltan questions Uhtred about his hostage, and asks why she is still standing. Uhtred lies and tells him that she is a Saxon whore for Storri. Boltan allows them to pass. ("Episode 1.2")

Season 2[]

Lundun, Mercia; Boltan is defeated in a duel by Father Pyrlig, and after losing the fight, he has his throat slit by Sigefrid. ("Episode 2.6")


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