• KillRoy231

    We have proabably over a year until the next season, and the gaps between seasons make me forget a lot of stuff and characters, I had to check back to earlier seasons recently, though there were several parts I did remember.

    Anyway, if you've read the books, or know enough about them, you'll know that in the book equivalent of Season 4, Uhtred finally kills his uncle, and Aethelred dies of injuries received in a battle with Cnut.

    But will this hold true in the show?

    As I watched Season 3 I looked up the story of Books 5 and 6 on wikipedia. While the whole Godwin situation and Alfred dying remained the same, I noticed several differences from the books:

    • In the show, Bloodhair's real name is Sigurd. In the books, his real name is Harald, and the…
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  • KillRoy231

    I meant Aelfric, not Aldhelm. I did a revised blog coz I can't edit the title of blog posts

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  • KillRoy231

    Is Aldhelm dead?

    December 11, 2018 by KillRoy231

    Well, in the books he is, I mean in the show?

    Those of us who hated him in Season 2 or read the books were quite surprised to see his HeelFaceTurn in Season 3 when he protects Aethelflaed and falls in love with her. When he disobeys Aethelred's orders to make the better decisions, Aethelred stabs him with a knife, saying "If you live, never disobey me again."

    When Aethelflaed finds him bleeding, she says she stopped the bleeding, hopefully, and he says "a gut wound is a slow way to die", she says a gut wound can heal. He confesses his love for her and that "if I can't say it when I'm dying, when I can I say it?" And she says he's not dying. We don't see him again after the scene.

    Who should we believe there? Was he dying or not? Is he dead or…

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  • Asnow89

    Great news for the fans of The Saxon Tales!

    It was JUST announced that BBC and Carnival Films, the Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning producers announced that production would begin in the Fall for The Last Kingdom (BBC Series), a new historical fiction drama series.

    This new T.V. series is based on The Saxon Tales. No actors/actresses have been announced yet, but we'll keep you posted with any news we receive!

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