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Bjorgulf was a minor character in The Last Kingdom television series.


The Last Kingdom[]

Season 4[]

Tamworth, Mercia; While the Danes are camped out at Tamworth, whist raiding Mercia during Æthelred's absence, Bjorgulf returns to camp with the head of a Saxon, giving it to Cnut. Another village burns in Mercia. ("Episode 4.3")

Mercia; Cnut, BridaJackdaw, and Bjorgulf learn that the lady Æthelflæd has returned to Mercia. If she’s alone, the rest of the Saxons won’t be far behind. If they manage to capture her, then they will have the upper hand. Cnut tasks Bjorgulf with bringing her back. ("Episode 4.3")

Aegelesburg, Mercia; Bjorgulf arrives with a fleet of soldiers just up the hill. ("Episode 4.3")

Bjorgulf leads his army into Aegelesburg, killing those who survived the initial attack. He demands that they hand over Æthelflæd. Inside the monastery, young Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric, Osferth, and Aldhelm try to keep the doors shut as the Danes apply force. ("Episode 4.4")

Uhtred goes to the roof. Finan and Sihtric follow him with knives held to young Cnut and Esgar’s throats. He tells Bjorgulf to leave or else the children will die. Bjorgulf refuses to leave, and so Uhtred tricks him into thinking that he cut off the head of young Cnut by throwing the body of one of the dead Mercian kids off the roof. In fear that Uhtred will kill Esgar, Bjorgulf retreats. ("Episode 4.4")

Mercia; Cnut and Brida command their soldiers to have their defences built by sunset. Just as Brida is about to tell him something, Bjorgulf returns, but without Æthelflæd. Bjorgulf reveals that Uhtred was in Aegelesburg with Cnut’s sons, and he beheaded young Cnut. Cnut grabs Jackdaw’s axe and bludgeons Bjorgulf with it. ("Episode 4.4")


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  • The name Bjorgulf comes from Old Norse. The name is made up of the words bjǫrg, which means "help, save, rescue", and úlfr, which means "wolf".