Beocca is a main character in both The Saxon Tales novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. Beocca was a priest in the household of Ealdorman Uhtred. He re-baptized Uhtred after Uhtred's name was changed from Osbert. Years after being captured by Danes, Uhtred encountered Beocca in Wessex.


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At the beginning of the series, Beocca is the mass priest at the fortress of Bebbanburg, located in the Kingdom of Northumbria. He serves under the Ealdorman Uhtred, and gives spiritual guidance to Uhtred's two sons, Uhtred and Osbert. He has a good relationship with Osbert, even though the young boy doesn't seem to take religion too seriously.

After the Danes arrive Beocca, along with young Osbert, witness the Dane warrior Ragnar the Fearless ride up to the gates of Bebbanburg and presents Uhtred with the head of his eldest son. Since their family tradition has the eldest son take the name Uhtred, Lord Uhtred renames Osbert as Uhtred upon the death of his son, and Beocca insists on re-baptizing Osbert, so he will be recognized as Uhtred in Heaven.

Beocca accompanies Ealdorman Uhtred and the warriors of Bebbanburg to Eoferwic (York) in order to join forces with the two Northumbrian kings and battle the invading Danes. Beocca watches on in horror as the forces of Bebbanburg are soundly defeated by the Danes, and Ealdorman Uhtred himself is killed. Young Uhtred becomes a prisoner of Earl Ragnar the Fearless, and Beocca attends the negotiations with Uhtred's uncle, Ælfric, who seeks to become the Ealdorman of Bebbanburg, despite Uhtred being the rightful heir. Beocca warns Uhtred that if his uncle succeeds in ransoming him back, he will be killed so Ælfric can rule Bebbanburg, and he urges Uhtred to escape and find him in Winchester, located in the Kingdom of Wessex.

Many years have past, and Beocca is now serving as priest and advisor to Alfred of Wessex, brother to King Æthelred. Beocca consoles Alfred, who believes he is a sinner beyond redemption for laying with women outside his marriage bed and wants to withdraw from Wessex's court life. Beocca insists he remain and resist the temptations of Winchester, thus proving to God that he is a worthy servant.

When Uhtred arrives in Wessex, Beocca greets him and vouches for him with Alfred. He does his best to convince Alfred that Uhtred is trustworthy, despite him being a pagan. Beocca also shows Uhtred that before leaving Bebbanburg he had saved the Charters of Bebbanburg, the land books which prove that Uhtred is the rightful Ealdorman of Bebbanburg, not his Uncle Ælfric.

After the death of King Æthelred, Beocca appeals to the new king Alfred to trust Uhtred and to take him into his service. He does his best to advise Uhtred to show respect and to behave as an Ealdorman, as well as for him not to underestimate Alfred's intelligence. When Uhtred marries Mildrith at King Alfred's request, Beocca presides over the ceremony.

Beocca continues to serve as an advisor to King Alfred. When Uhtred arrives after the Battle of Cynuit, he tries to prevent Uhtred from interrupting a prayer service the king is holding, but is unsuccessful. He later witnesses Uhtred's punishment for breaking Alfred's peace. He is later present at a hearing to determine Uhtred's guilt for raiding into Cornwalum and attacking the Britons there.

Beocca is present when Guthrum's army attacks Winchester and flees with the rest of the people there. Later, he joins Uhtred and King Alfred, who are hiding from the Danes in the marshlands outside of Wessex. When the monk Brother Asser attempts to dissuade King Alfred from accepting Uhtred's help and advice regarding the coming battle with the Danes, Beocca strongly supports Uhtred, telling the king that he will follow Uhtred into battle and will serve as his conduit to God. Beocca takes part in the great Battle of Ethandun, fighting alongside Uhtred in the front lines. He witnesses the death of Iseult, Uhtred's woman, and vows that his spear will be the weapon that kills Skorpa, the man who beheaded Iseult. After Uhtred miraculously breaks the Danes' shield wall, Beocca throws Uhtred his spear which he uses to kill Skorpa, thus making his prophecy come true. Guthrum, seeing that Beocca correctly foretold the manner of Skorpa's death, loses heart and gives up on the battle. After seeing the power of Beocca's God, Guthrum decides to become a Christian, and it is Beocca himself who baptizes him.


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  • Beocca is described from Uhtred's POV in the book series as being extremely ugly, with a fierce squint, a palsied hand and a clubbed foot. Beocca was also described as having red hair, but is bald in the television series.
  • Uhtred mentions in the books that Beocca was born as a slave in the time of his grandfather, but allowed the boy to receive an education due to his intellect and allowed him to become a priest in his service.
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