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Battle of Edington was an event which occurred in The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series.

The battle was fought in 878, when the Wessex army, under King Alfred, defeated the "Great Heathen Army" under the Viking king Guthrum.


The † indicates that the character died during the battle.
The ° indicates that the character was not fighting during the event.

The Saxon Stories[]

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The Last Kingdom[]







King Alfred decides to follow Uhtred's advise and lead his men into one defining battle. He believes he cannot forsake England at this key moment. Meanwhile, Guthrum tries to get information on Alfred through Alfred's resentful Æthelwold, who hates Alfred for "taking" the throne that he feels is rightfully his.

Alfred gains his army. At the gathering place for the great Saxon army, Æthelwold abandons his assassination attempt and joins Alfred at the top of the hill, watching as thousands of swords of Wessex answer the war call. Ahead of battle, Alfred, who used to fear his men did not see him as a warrior, strays from his godly sermons to deliver a passionate speech and rally his men. The English cry, "no mercy!"


When the battle begins, the Saxons use their shield wall strategy to slowly advance, which allows them to gain ground. Realizing the Danes are losing, Skorpa leaves the battlefield to attack the Saxon camp where he runs down Uhtred's lover Iseult and returns to the battle, flinging her bloody head at Uhtred. Enraged, Uhtred aggressively attacks the Danes. After Father Beocca throws him a spear, Uhtred successfully kills Skorpa. The Saxons then attack the Danes.

Ragnar asks orders from Guthrum, who shows no desire to fight back, now believing that the Saxons truly do have God on their side. Refusing to accept defeat, Ragnar proceeds to fight. Both sides fight each other. At one point, Ragnar is knocked to the ground by a Saxon, but Uhtred saves him by knocking the Saxon down. Alfred then arrives and screams "no mercy!"


The battle is won by the Saxons. Following the battle, Uhtred orders Leofric's (Uhtred's friend) grave marked as an Ealdorman and a pyre for Iseult, Guthrum is converted to Christianity, while Ragnar and Brida have been imprisoned. Having saved Wessex, Uhtred's path now leads back north so he can face his past (Taking back his homeland Bebbanburg).