Æthelflæd is the daughter of Alfred and Ælswith.


Æthelflaed's banner is a white goose holding a sword and a cross.

After Gisela's death in The Burning Land, Uhtred reneges on his oath to Alfred of Wessex. When Jarl Haesten prepares to attack Mercia, and Æthelred tries to get a divorce from Æthelflaed by having one of his lords to sleep with her (therefore making her an adulterer). Æthelflaed calls on the oath that Uhtred made to her before the attack on Lundene (Sword Song). Uhtred is persuaded by Father Beocca to honor oath made to Æthelflaed because it was made in love.

Uhtred with his some 40 men return to Æthelflaed's side and rescue her from the Lord Aldhem. It is soon revealed that the ailing Alfred of Wessex advised Æthelflaed to use Uhtred's oath. Uhtred has maintained a friendly relationship with Æthelflaed since she was a child. During The Burning Land they fall into a forbidden love. Uhtred sees Æthelflaed as the woman of Iseult's prophecy, "She will be a woman of gold."


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